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Why students riot.

Posted in #anarchy, #theology on November 10, 2010 by timwindsorbrown

Monday was rubbish. I rolled up to Manchester Uni’s ticket office to find out the 600 coach passes for the wednesday student demo in London was sold out,  Bummer.

If you haven’t seen the news, around 30,000 students demonstrated because of cuts to funding, and tripled fees for UK students. This is history in the making, a massive change in our education system.

However this was clearly more than a protest. The footage shows hundreds of students going nuts.

Students making it clear who they blame.

Missiles, physical abuse, fist fights, bonfires, riot police, vandalism.


A majority agree the violence doesn’t even benefit students.

The bible says:

1. We are made in God’s image, this includes anger (Gen.1:26)

2. The world is fallen, broken, marred by Sin (Gen.3)

People, like God are sensitive to this world. Something has gone wrong. When millions of people are laden with years of crippling debt, they want to point a finger.

But the students got it wrong, the ‘authorities’ are not the cause, sin is. This world will never be equal, however hard we protest.

I love that God isn’t finished with our world.

Rev.21:1 says God is bringing a ‘New Heaven&New Earth’ this is exactly what the students are looking for. Equality, generosity, absolute prosperity and happiness will all exist in this new earth.

God will finish this.