Identity: so then everything went and changed.

<original post: Oct’10>

It’s not been a fantastically fun few weeks.
My course seems determined to kill me. Mainly with work, then tried to explain that an ideal future career designing microprocessors is something wonderful.

Just so you know, it’s not.

I’d rather move to a hemp farm, wear tie-died clothes and try to pretend communism is still awesome.

Apart from that, I’m struggling with my identity a lot. I spent the last year obsessing with my successes and failures, letting them utterly define me. It definitely doesn’t feel right. This isn’t the life I wanted.

So then I watched this video, and something blew up in my head. When it comes down to it, what God says about you wins. Wins against anything else anyone ever said.

In Christ I am Redeemed, and made utterly valuable. My identity is a Christ-Follower before anything else.

So now I live, with the same successes and the same failures, knowing that life is often crap…but because of my identity, everything has changed.


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