So what’s with the street preachers?

Saturday  was roasting.

In the middle of town the lamb-chop clad Presbyterian street preacher was as per usual, surrounded by 100+ scallies, exercising their freedom to spit at him, whilst he persistently told them Jesus is awesome.

It broke me because my life was in no-way that blunt with the gospel: everyone needs Jesus, and I was avoiding God’s call to ‘make disciples’. That said, is this what Jesus meant by ‘make disciples of all people?’ Because open preaching doesn’t work like it did in Acts….

Here’s the problem: Culture.

People communicate values and truth through their culture. In ancient Ephesus  and Jerusalem they had public speaking and debate, in 2010 Manchester we have TV, film, and newspapers broadcasting opinions which we take seriously.

How often do you see ‘everyone is lost and needs Jesus’ in mainstream media? I thought not.

God made our world this way and to transform culture, let’s transform media first.

People of Manchester unsure how to respond.


2 Responses to “So what’s with the street preachers?”

  1. Tim, I think you’re on to something! I was walking down Market Street with my girlfriend on Thursday. There were a team handing out gospel tracts and one guy was on a mini ladder pretty much telling people to repent.

    We looked at the tract and, to be honest, didn’t think it was great in the way of its presentation. Yes, it had truth in but the way it was presented may (not for definite) have made it less ‘effective’.

    We prayed about whether to speak to one of the team or not. We did in the end. Basically, it wasn’t very fruitful. People were just walking past. The only people who spoke were being rude to the preacher (but that’s fine). What I meant was, people weren’t stopping to listen to properly understand the message (because people don’t even know his name if they’re walking past, let alone want to listen to somebody they don’t know).

    In short, we told one of the guys this and we said that it was good when they managed to have a proper one-on-one conversation which people who were interested. However, the mini-ladder seemed to be very ineffective in 21st Century Manchester Arndale (but the grace of God in every situation of course ‘can’ turn things to good).

    Sorry, just sharing my thoughts on my experience. I know of a group called MJK (Make Jesus Known). They actually get a crowd of people who are interested. They have music and rap and people listen and grab for a free Bible afterwards. The only thing there is, those people who respond really need to get plugged into a Church.

    God bless.

  2. Dude I’m glad it resonated, it’s a really tough call, because it has all the right intention with not enough of the Godly wisdom. That said they have balls to stand infront of that crowd.

    MJK used to employ a load of my friends, one of whom lives in Rusholme, Im sure youll meet him sometime.

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